About me

Hello everyone… Here I am… After long planning, thinking, research and looking for inspiration, finally, I am writing my first ever blog post.It feels so amazing, exciting and scary at the same time 🙂

I am Renata, 24 years old, living in UK for almost 6 years, originally from Lithuania. Married to amazing man(my biggest supporter and motivation, without his help I probably will not be writing this blog); owning the cutest and smartest staffy Ramzey who is my everyday sunshine, and still trying to find my place under the sun.

There are so many reasons why I have decided to write this blog. First, it is kind of my New Year’sresolution (see how long it took me to start?). To be honest, the resolution wasn’t to start my own blog but it was about facing my fear- public ‘speaking’ and sharing things with others. So, I thought why not to start a blog?! Everywhere I was going or browsing on the internet, was about blogging, and that pushed me in to ‘this’.

Another reason is that sometimes I feel like I want to share something with someone or tell it to all world and I have so much to say, but do not have anyone to listen to me. That is why the blog writing was the best idea I could think of.

I hope this blog will inspire more people to start their blogs, share their experiences, face their fears and have fun. I will share tips from my own experiences, reviews about products, inspirations and much more. I am not expert in any topics, but I will share what I know and tried, what works and what doesn’t about fitness, nutrition, dogs, cars, books, technology etc. I hope to find like-minded people, to built new friendships, to make my blog useful, enjoying and inspiring for readers.

I hope you guys will enjoy it and  come back every time to read new posts. Any comments, advises, critique and ideas are more than welcome. I could improve just with Your help.

Again, Nice to Meet You